About Us

About Us

This web site is a project of AL-HAMD NETWORK SOLUTIONS.

We the team of the website[/sg_popup] Lafzblog.overstockpk.com, are a team of professional and skilled writers, critics, journalists, and artists , who just happen to use Internet and social media.

Here at Lafzbolg.overstockpk.com we offer breath-taking stories along with professional opinion.

We write stories about almost anything, news, politics, arts, fashion, science and technology, health, and the lifestyle in the Urdu language to promote the Urdu online.

Just in case the news stories didn’t interest you, we also offer web content, including blogs, debates and audio/video programs.

We can almost guarantee that if everyone was to spend at most 15 minutes here at Lafzblog.overstockpk.com, the world will be a better place.

We want to make sure everyone gets a smile on their face, and is able to go through their day like that.

Contact us: [email protected]